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ApplyConnect® is a consumer-initiated report that is purchased by the renter, allowing them to immediately view their complete credit history and background check. Start Screening

The Nation's Most Trusted
Tenant Screening Available to Landlords,
Real Estate Agents and Renters

Included in Each Report

Full Experian® Credit Report

Each credit report includes:
  • Payment history on all real estate, installment, and revolving credit accounts
  • Collection accounts
  • Civil judgments
  • Tax liens and bankruptcy
  • Prior names, addresses, and employment history


A credit scoring model developed by the 3 major credit bureaus which scores over 30 million more consumers than FICO. Credit scores range from 300 – 850, with higher scores indicating the renter is a low risk.

Nationwide Criminal Background Check

The best available criminal record database scan with over 790 million offenses using databases covering local courts from all 50 states, jails and prisons, and wants and warrants

Nationwide Eviction History

A civil court search scanning the nation’s largest eviction database with 36+ million unique records including judgments and filings.

Sex Offender Registry Search

Find out if your applicant is a registered sex offender within their state. Physical description and photographs will be displayed when available.

ApplyConnect® is a consumer-initiated tenant screening report, which means the person applying for the property (the Renter) is purchasing a copy of their report, and then sharing it to apply for a rental property. The landlord or real estate agent will never incur a cost for using ApplyConnect®.

*Landlords and real estate agents have the option to pay for the screening report.

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